How to choose between coaxial zoom lens and non-coaxial zoom lens?




Coaxial zoom lens and non-coaxial zoom lens have different advantages and characteristics, according to the specific needs of the inspection and use of the scene to make the choice to use coaxial zoom lens or non-coaxial zoom lens.



Advantages of coaxial zoom lens:



1, light uniformity: coaxial design makes the illumination light and observation light share the same optical axis, which ensures the uniformity of light, eliminates shadows and reflections, and improves the clarity of the image.


2, high definition: due to the consistency of the optical axis, the coaxial zoom lens is able to capture finer details, providing a higher image resolution.


3, a wide range of zoom capacity: coaxial zoom lens usually has a large zoom range, can adapt to different sizes and distances of the object observation needs.


Characteristics of non-coaxial zoom lenses:


Although non-coaxial zoom lenses may not have the advantages of coaxial zoom lenses in some aspects, they may have other unique features or advantages, such as more compact structure, lower cost, or optimization for specific application environments.



Based on the above introduction of the advantages of coaxial and non-coaxial, the following recommendations are given:



1. Consider the application requirements: Firstly, clarify the purpose and scenario of using the lens. If you need high definition, light uniformity and a wide range of zoom ability, coaxial zoom lens may be a better choice. If you pay more attention to the cost or compactness, you can consider non-coaxial zoom lens. 2.

2. Comparison of performance parameters: When choosing lenses, we should carefully compare the performance parameters of different models and brands, including resolution, magnification range, working distance, etc., to ensure that the selected lens can meet the actual needs.

3. Consider compatibility and integration: If the lens needs to be used in conjunction with a specific camera or system, make sure that the selected lens has good compatibility and integration to ensure that the overall performance of the stability and reliability.

4. Refer to user reviews and case studies: Check out other users' reviews and case studies to understand the actual performance and experience of different lenses, which will help you make a more informed choice.



When choosing coaxial zoom lens and non-coaxial zoom lens, you need to consider the application requirements, performance parameters, compatibility and integration and other factors, in order to find the most suitable solution. POMEAS set R & D, production, sales in one, can help customers choose the right zoom lens for the actual application requirements, has a good reputation in the industry, you can consult with the lens in a timely manner, POMES a professional customized vision solutions for customers! POMEAS is a company specializing in customized vision solutions for customers!

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