Difference between coaxial zoom lens and non-coaxial zoom lens




Coaxial zoom lenses and non-coaxial zoom lenses differ significantly in a number of ways, and these differences directly affect their suitability for different application scenarios.



1, Light uniformity and clarity:


Coaxial zoom lens: Due to its coaxial design, the illumination light and observation light share the same optical axis, which ensures uniformity of light and reduces shadows and reflections, thus improving the clarity and contrast of the image.
Non-coaxial zoom lens: Due to the lack of coaxial design, there may be uneven illumination, resulting in shadows or reflections in the image, affecting the observation effect.


2. Structure and design:


Coaxial zoom lens: usually has a more compact and integrated design, which makes it easier to integrate into various devices or systems.
Non-coaxial zoom lens: may have a more complex structure, because it needs to deal with the different paths of illumination and observation light.


3, zoom performance:


Coaxial zoom lens: usually able to achieve a wide range, smooth zoom operation, which is very useful for the need to accurately adjust the observation or shooting magnification of the occasion.
Non-coaxial zoom lens: Although it can also realize the zoom function, it may be limited in the zoom range and smoothness.


4. Application areas:


Coaxial zoom lens: Because of its high definition and light uniformity, it is usually used in areas with high requirements for image quality, such as precision testing, microscopic observation, scientific research experiments.
Non-coaxial zoom lens: it is more used in general monitoring, teaching and demonstration of image quality requirements are not particularly high occasions.


5, price and cost:


Coaxial zoom lens: due to its design and manufacturing difficulties, usually the price will be relatively high.
Non-coaxial zoom lens: relatively simple structure, low manufacturing costs, so the price may be more affordable.


From the above can be seen in the coaxial zoom lens and non-coaxial zoom lens in the light uniformity, structural design, zoom performance, application areas, as well as the price of the cost and other aspects of the obvious differences. When choosing, according to the specific application needs, budget and image quality requirements for comprehensive consideration.



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