Application Scenarios for Image Measurement Systems in Industrial Manufacturing




In the field of industrial manufacturing, image measurement systems play a crucial role and become an indispensable part of the inspection process. They provide critical data for precise control of surface dimensions, detailed outlining of product contours, and in-depth analysis of defect detection. These data are not only related to the production efficiency of industrial manufacturing products, but also directly affect the appearance of the final product size and overall quality. Therefore, optimizing and improving the image measurement system is of great significance to enhance the overall level and competitiveness of industrial manufacturing. The following are the application scenarios of image measurement system in industrial manufacturing:


1. Workpiece Contour and Surface Shape Measurement: The Image Measurement System can accurately measure a wide range of complex workpiece contours and surface shapes for most 2D flat image graphic measurements. This includes, but is not limited to, precision workpieces such as metal parts, rubber, gears, PCB boards, and everyday items such as electronic products and clocks. For example, cell phone camera bracket size inspection, cell phone glass appearance, screen printing ink size measurement, cell phone center frame cover size inspection, etc. can be done by image measurement system.

2. Size and shape analysis: Image measurement system can analyze the size and shape of the product comprehensively. For example, it can detect the roundness, flatness, straightness and other indexes of the parts to ensure that the products meet the design requirements. Meanwhile, the system can also perform shape deviation detection by comparing the shape difference between the target object and the standard model.

3. Surface quality assessment: The image measurement system can detect and quantify defects on the surface of the material, such as scratches, dents, bubbles, etc., and provide a detailed report on the surface quality. This is important for quality control and quality management, especially in industries such as automotive, electronics and optics.

4. Automatic Sorting and Classification: Using the image processing and pattern recognition functions of image measurement systems, products can be automatically sorted and classified. For example, in the electronics manufacturing industry, image measurement systems can be used to detect the normal and abnormal state of electronic components and automatically categorize them into qualified and inferior products.

5. Mold Accuracy Detection: Molds are commonly used tools in the manufacturing industry and have very high requirements for their accuracy and size. Using the image measurement system, we can quickly obtain the image of the surface of the mold, and calculate the coordinate value of each point through the software, so as to get the size and shape parameters of the mold, and ensure that the produced mold meets the design requirements.



POMEAS image measurement systems are also widely used in high-precision machining and assembly of aircraft parts, inspection of automobile engine cylinder liners, and other fields. With the continuous progress of technology, the application scope of image measurement system is still expanding, and its value and role in industrial production is also becoming more and more prominent.

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