What is an image measurement system in 30 seconds?




Image measurement system is an emerging high-performance measurement technology that utilizes optical technology as the basis and combines optoelectronics, computer technology, laser technology, image processing technology and other modern science and technology. Its core principle is to convert the measured object into a computer-recognizable image signal through the sensor, and then the computer will process the edge texture and other features of the image to extract the characteristic parameters of the object, so as to achieve the purpose of measurement.



Image measurement technology is an image processing technology that combines video images and computer recognition to utilize images as a means or carrier of detection and information transfer when measuring the object to be measured. By processing and analyzing the acquired two-dimensional images, the information of the required three-dimensional scene can be obtained, and the purpose of measurement can be finally realized.



The image measurement system has been widely used in such fields as aerial remote sensing measurements, dimensional measurements of geometric quantities, medical image observation to assist diagnosis, appearance inspection and dimensional measurements of complex precision parts, and diffraction maps formed by light waves. In addition, it plays an important role in surveillance cameras, face recognition, license plate recognition, traffic management, product quality inspection, robot visual navigation and target recognition.



With the development of deep learning and neural networks, the accuracy and stability of the image measurement system will be further improved, and the combination of the system with other technologies will promote its application in more fields, such as medical image analysis and agricultural intelligence. At the same time, the system will become more popular and easy to apply as the computational power increases and the cost decreases.


POMEAS image measurement systems are used in a wide range of applications for fast, accurate measurements in superior industrial production. POMEAS image measurement systems are constantly being updated and optimized to provide customized image measurement systems.

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