F-port telecentric lens detects cell phone screen ink profile




Accurate inspection of the ink contour of cell phone screens is crucial in the modern cell phone manufacturing process. In order to achieve this goal, the use of high quality POMEAS F-port telecentric lenses with a light source has become an effective solution in the industry.



The F-port telecentric lens has unique advantages as a lens designed for high-precision inspection. It is designed to eliminate the common parallax problem in traditional lenses, ensuring the authenticity and accuracy of the image during the inspection process; the high resolution and low distortion characteristics of the F-port telecentric lens make it capable of capturing the subtle changes in the ink contour of the cell phone screen, providing reliable data support for subsequent measurement and analysis.


At the same time, the light source quotes the surface light source to further enhance the detection effect. The surface light source can emit uniform, soft light to meet the needs of dimensional measurement. In cell phone screen ink contour detection, the surface light source can provide sufficient illumination, so that the ink contour is more clearly visible in the lens.



By combining the F-port telecentric lens with a surface light source and a high-definition camera, we can realize an efficient and accurate method for detecting the ink contour of cell phone screens. This method not only improves the detection speed, but also reduces the false detection rate, which provides a strong guarantee for the quality control in the manufacturing process of cell phone.



With the continuous progress of technology, the performance of F-port telecentric lens and surface light source is also improving, this inspection method will play a more important role in the manufacturing of cell phones and other related fields, and promote the continuous progress and development of the whole industry.



The POMEAS F-port telecentric lens for detecting the ink contour of cell phone screens is an efficient and accurate solution, which will provide strong support for quality control in the cell phone manufacturing process and promote the continuous development of the entire industry.

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