Application of high-resolution telecentric lens in round hole inspection




As a precision optical device, the high-resolution telecentric lens plays a vital role in round hole inspection. Its unique telecentric characteristics and high resolution make round hole inspection more accurate and efficient, becoming an indispensable part of modern industrial production.


The telecentric nature of high-resolution telecentric lenses is the key to their widespread use in round hole inspection: telecentricity means that the lens images light nearly parallel to the optical axis, which effectively reduces perspective distortions and shadowing effects and ensures that the edges of round holes are clearly imaged. This feature enables high-resolution telecentric lenses to accurately capture the edge of the hole, providing a reliable data base for subsequent dimensional measurements and defect detection.



The high resolution of the high-resolution telecentric lenses makes them excellent for round hole inspection: High resolution means that the lenses are able to capture more image details, which are sensitive to small defects and dimensional variations in round holes. With high-resolution telecentric lenses, we can clearly observe details such as textures, scratches and dimensional deviations on the surface of the round hole, thus enabling a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the hole.



In the practical application of round hole inspection, high-resolution telecentric lenses are usually combined with machine vision systems to realize automated, high-precision inspection. Through image acquisition and processing, the machine vision system can automatically recognize the edges of the round holes and calculate the relevant parameters, such as diameter and roundness. At the same time, the system can also detect defects in round holes according to preset thresholds, so that potential quality problems can be detected and alarmed in a timely manner.



The POMEAS high-resolution telecentric lens also offers excellent stability and reliability, allowing it to operate stably for long periods of time without frequent adjustments. This allows for consistently high performance in round hole inspection, ensuring accurate and consistent results.


High-resolution telecentric lenses play a crucial role in round hole inspection. Its telecentric characteristics and high resolution make round hole inspection more accurate and efficient, and provide powerful technical support for modern industrial production. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application fields, we believe that high-resolution telecentric lenses will play a greater role in round hole inspection, and provide a more reliable guarantee for product quality control and process improvement.

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