How to measure cell phone screen size




In order to ensure product quality, improve user experience, meet market demand and promote technological innovation will need to be more stringent requirements on the size of cell phone parts and accessories, how to quickly, high-precision measurement of the size of the cell phone screen has become a problem for many manufacturers.



User needs statement:

The traditional solution for dimensional measurement is to use a manual quadratic measuring machine with a continuous zoom lens, which is slow, inefficient, and low-precision, with a complex test method that requires skilled hands to operate on the job. Users need to obtain a measurement program with fast measurement speed and higher measurement accuracy. In response to this customer demand, the latest measurement program adopts the newly developed large field of view, low distortion, high depth of field bilateral telecentric lens and telecentric parallel light source. Just need engineers to program the test program, ordinary operators just put the object to be measured on the inspection platform, a mouse point, you can get accurate, clear measurement image.


Program component characteristics:



Camera: It adopts mega-pixel industrial camera, which is characterized by high stability compared with other industrial cameras.


Lens: adopts high-resolution double-sided telecentric lens, it is less than 0.1 ° object-side telecentricity, like square telecentricity is less than 0.02 ° measurement almost no visual error; it adopts a large field of view and high-resolution design, with an inch CCD camera field of view up to a diameter of 180mm round. Low distortion, high depth of field and other characteristics, the maximum depth of field up to 170mm.


Light source: software controllable, digital control, multi-level output, stable and reliable parallel light LED light source, good uniformity to ensure the accuracy of the test.



Measuring cell phone screen size has multiple benefits for industrial production, increasing productivity, optimizing the supply chain, enhancing product quality, improving user experience, and guiding market research and product improvement. It promotes the continuous development and innovation of the cell phone industry.

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