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APO Spectral Focus Vision Solution is an advanced focusing technology that utilizes spectral properties to achieve high precision focusing. This solution is able to focus on wafer disks quickly and can be applied to cutting wafer disks.


First, let's understand the basics of APO Spectral Focusing, a specially designed lens that reduces or eliminates chromatic aberration to provide high-resolution images across the entire visible spectrum. The design of this lens makes it ideal for applications that require high precision focusing, such as wafer disk processing and cutting.



Accurate focusing is critical during wafer disk processing. Inaccurate focusing can lead to problems such as inconsistent depth of cut, damage to the wafer disk, or inefficient machining. the APO Spectral Focus Vision Solution improves machining accuracy and efficiency by utilizing the properties of the APO lenses and spectrum to quickly find the optimal focus position in a short time.



APO Spectral Focus Vision Solution can be integrated into the customer's dicing system. This means that it can be used not only for wafer disk focusing, but also directly for cutting operations. With precise focus and cut control, this solution ensures that the wafer disk is cut to the exact shape and size required.

In industrial applications, the APO spectral focus vision solution offers many advantages. It can greatly improve machining accuracy and efficiency, thus reducing costs and lifting; this solution is also highly flexible and customizable, and can be adjusted and optimized according to different application requirements.




APO Spectral Focus Vision Solution is an advanced focusing technology with the advantages of fast focusing, high-precision cutting and a wide range of applications. It has a broad application prospect in wafer disk processing and other industrial applications.

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