The three main areas of application for 360° lenses




360° lens, also known as 360° industrial inspection lens, is a special visual inspection tool. It can realize all-round visual inspection of objects without rotating or moving the inspected objects. This lens has a wide range of applications in industrial automation, quality inspection, intelligent manufacturing and other fields. Due to the difference of its practical application in visual inspection solutions, it is also divided into 360° inner wall lens and 360° outer wall lens.


1. Appearance check:


360° exterior inspection lenses play an important role in the field of appearance inspection. Such lenses allow all-round exterior inspection of products, such as batteries, pill bottles, drink caps, plastic caps and other items with surface character and defect recognition. Whether it is text, patterns or tiny defects, they can be quickly captured by the 360° outer wall inspection lens.



2. Inner wall inspection:


The 360° interior inspection lens is particularly suitable for inspecting the interior surfaces of items with cavities, such as bottle caps, mugs, screws, and pen holders. These lenses can be viewed from the outside without the need to place the lens inside the product, thus simplifying the inspection process and improving inspection efficiency.



3. Cylindrical, cubic and other external surface inspection:


The 360° industrial inspection lens also excels in the inspection of cylinders, cubes and other external surfaces. It can meet the inspection needs of the outer surface of cylinders as well as the surface of inner holes with very strong specialization and relevance. This lens provides a convenient and efficient solution for visual inspection in industrial production.


POMEAS 360° industrial vision inspection lens also has high stability and reliability. Adopting high-quality optical materials and precise mechanical structure, it is able to resist harsh industrial environments and ensure stable work for a long time. At the same time, this lens also has a strong anti-interference ability, and can achieve accurate image recognition and positioning under complex lighting conditions and backgrounds, making it easy to integrate into production lines for comprehensive product inspection.

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