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With the rapid development of science and technology, measurement technology plays a vital role in all fields, especially in the electronics manufacturing industry, where the precise measurement of tiny dimensions, such as the dimensions of inductor coils, has a particularly significant impact on product quality. POMEAS Automatic Image Measuring Instrument (Flash Measuring Instrument) is an image processing based inductor size measurement solution to improve the accuracy and efficiency of measurement.


Detection needs:


Inspection of dimensions such as length and width of the outer contour of the inductor to determine whether it meets the production requirements.



POMEAS fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) adopts image processing technology, through the acquisition, processing and analysis of the image of the inductor coil, to realize the accurate measurement of its size. The specific process is as follows:


1. Image Acquisition: Use a high-resolution camera to photograph the inductor coil and obtain a clear image.


2. Image processing: Through the image processing algorithm, pre-processing, edge detection, binarization and other operations are carried out on the captured image to extract the outline of the inductor coil.


3. Dimension Measurement: Based on the extracted contour information, calculate the dimensions of the inductor coil, such as length and width.




Test results:



Program Strengths:



Compared with the traditional contact measurement method, POMEAS fully automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) has the following advantages:


1, non-contact measurement: avoid potential damage to the inductor coil due to contact, to ensure the safety of measurement.


2, high-precision measurement: through image processing technology, can realize the inductor coil size of the accurate measurement, improve the accuracy of the measurement.


3, high-efficiency measurement: high degree of automation, can quickly process a large number of image data, improve the efficiency of measurement.


4, high degree of integration: flash meter integrates a variety of measurement items in one, can complete the measurement of multiple dimensions at once, greatly reducing the measurement time.




The POMEAS Automatic Image Measuring Instrument (Flash Measuring Instrument) is not only suitable for high-precision measurement of inductor coil dimensions in the electronics manufacturing industry, but is also widely used in electronics, machine tooling, plumbing, material processing, automotive, and other industries.

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