Core elements of industrial optical lenses




In the field of industrial optics, the choice of lens focal length is crucial. It not only determines the sharpness and range of imaging, but also directly relates to the performance of the entire optical system. So, how to choose the right focal length? Below, we will popularize the principles of lens focal length selection for you from several aspects.



1. Focal length and imaging relationship


Focal length, simply put, is the distance from the lens to the imaging place. The longer the focal length, the larger the image, the smaller the field of view; the shorter the focal length, the smaller the image, the larger the field of view. In industrial applications, we need to choose the appropriate focal length according to the actual needs.


2. Consideration of working distance


Working distance refers to the distance from the object to the lens. When choosing the focal length, we need to consider the actual distance between the object and the lens. If the working distance is far, we need to choose a telephoto lens; if the working distance is close, a short focal length lens is more appropriate.



3. imaging clarity


The choice of focal length is also closely related to imaging clarity. Telephoto lens usually has a higher imaging clarity, suitable for high-precision measurement occasions. While the short focal length lens, although the field of view is wider, but may be slightly inferior in imaging clarity.



4. Consider aberrations


In industrial applications, aberration is a factor that requires special attention. Different types of lenses (e.g., wide-angle lenses, fisheye lens, etc.) will produce different aberration effects. When choosing the focal length, we need to consider the effect of aberration on the image quality, and choose the right type of lens according to the actual needs.



5. Light source and lighting conditions


Light source and lighting conditions are also factors to be considered when choosing the focal length. For example, in a dark environment, we need to choose a lens with a larger aperture to ensure sufficient light intake. In strong light conditions, we need to choose a lens with good light resistance to avoid overexposure of the image.


The choice of focal length plays a pivotal role in the application of industrial optical lenses. We need to consider a number of factors, such as working distance, image clarity, aberration, light source and illumination conditions, in order to select the appropriate focal length. By choosing the right focal length, we can ensure that the optical system performs optimally in real applications and supports industrial production.



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