4K zoom lens excels in screw hole inspection




In industrial manufacturing, screw hole inspection is a critical quality control process. The accuracy and consistency of screw holes are directly related to the assembly performance and safety of products. However, screw hole inspection faces many difficulties, such as the tiny size and complex shape of screw holes, as well as the high accuracy requirements during the inspection process. To meet these challenges, 4K zoom lens, as a high-precision, high-definition visual inspection tool, is gradually showing its unique advantages in the field of screw hole inspection.


The difficulties of screw hole inspection are mainly reflected in the following aspects: firstly, the size of screw holes is usually small, which requires high-precision inspection equipment to accurately capture its shape and size; secondly, the shape of screw holes is complex, including different thread angles, depths and pitches, etc., which all need to be accurately measured and judged; and lastly, the accuracy of the screw hole inspection process is extremely high, and any small errors may lead to the product's non-conformity. Any small error may cause the product to be unqualified.



And the use of a 4K zoom lens brings significant measurement advantages to screw hole inspection:


1, 4K zoom lens supports high-resolution image capture, which can present a clear and detailed image effect. This enables inspectors to accurately observe the shape and size of the screw holes for precise judgment and measurement.


2, 4K zoom lens is characterized by a large magnification range and high magnification field of view. By adjusting the magnification of the lens, it can be flexibly adapted to different sizes and shapes of screw holes inspection needs. Whether it is a tiny screw hole or a large screw hole, you can adjust the magnification to achieve accurate observation and measurement.


3, 4K zoom lens is also characterized by modular design, can be flexibly configured according to the actual inspection needs. Through the selection of different magnification lens tube and additional mirrors, you can build a detection system to adapt to a variety of detection scenarios. This flexibility allows the 4K zoom lens to better meet the individual needs of screw hole inspection.



The application of 4K zoom lens in screw hole inspection offers significant measurement advantages. It can provide high-definition and high-precision image capturing capability to help inspectors accurately observe and measure the shape and size of screw holes. At the same time, its large magnification range, high-magnification field of view and modular design also make it adaptable to a variety of complex inspection scenarios and needs. With the continuous progress of technology and market expansion, it is believed that 4K zoom lens will play an increasingly important role in the field of screw hole inspection.

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