Application examples of 4K zoom lens in needle tip inspection




In modern industrial manufacturing, needle tip inspection is a crucial quality control process. However, due to the tiny size and high precision requirements of needle tips, traditional inspection methods are often difficult to meet the actual needs. With the continuous progress of science and technology, 4K zoom lens, as a new type of high-precision inspection tool, is gradually becoming an ideal choice in the field of needle tip inspection.



The difficulty of needle tip testing is mainly in two areas:


A, the tiny size of the needle tip requires high-precision testing equipment to accurately capture its form;


B, the quality of the needle tip is extremely high, and any tiny defects may lead to a decline in the performance of the product. Therefore, traditional inspection methods often have problems such as insufficient precision and low efficiency, which are difficult to meet the needs of modern industrial production.


And the advent of the 4K zoom lens has revolutionized pinpoint inspection. This lens has several distinguishing features:



1, it supports 1-inch sensor camera, compared with the traditional lens at the same magnification field of view size enhancement of more than 1.45X. This means that at the same detection distance, the 4K zoom lens is able to capture a wider field of view, thus improving detection efficiency.


2, 4K zoom lens is designed according to higher specification resolution requirements, with 1 inch camera horizontal resolution can reach 4K level. This means that it can present a clearer, more detailed image, making the tiny imperfections of the tip of the needle nothing to hide.


3, 4K zoom lens magnification according to 0.68X ~ 5X design, suitable for most applications of the detection needs. Whether you need to zoom in to observe the details of the needle tip, or need to narrow the field of view to capture more information, can be realized by adjusting the magnification.


4, 4K zoom lens with modular design, a variety of magnification TV mirror tube and additional mirror optional. This design not only makes the lens easier and faster to install and debug, but also provides more functional options for users to choose. At the same time, other functional module components are also available for selection, further meeting the individual needs of different users.



The application of 4K zoom lens in needle tip inspection has significant advantages and potential. With the continuous progress of technology and market expansion, it is believed that this high-precision inspection tool will be more widely used and promoted in the future.

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