Online measuring instrument measuring 8MM standard bar operation procedure




In the field of precision measurement, standardized rods are one of the most important and indispensable tools. They have precise dimensions and are often used to calibrate measuring equipment, verify the accuracy of measurements, and as a reference to check that the dimensions of a workpiece meet requirements.



Calibration : Before taking measurements the in-line gauges need to be calibrated to ensure that they are in optimum working order. This involves checking that the instrument's power supply, measurement system, and display components are functioning properly. During the calibration process, the operator zeroes and ranges the gauge using a calibration block of known dimensions to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.


Place a standard bar : Place the 8MM standard bar on the measuring platform of the on-line measuring instrument. During the placing process, I will pay special attention to avoid friction and collision between the standard bar and the measuring platform so as not to cause any minor influence on the dimensions of the standard bar. At the same time, I will also make sure that the standard bar is placed in a smooth position to avoid any shaking or displacement during the measurement process.


Open the measurement program :I start the measurement program of the in-line gauge. The gauge takes a non-contact measurement of the dimensions of the standard bar with its high-precision sensor. During this process, the display of the gauge is closely monitored to ensure stable and accurate measurement data.


Analyzing and comparing :After completing the measurement, the operator will carefully analyze the results. First, the operator will check the repeatability of the measurement data to confirm the stability of the measurement results. Second, the operator will compare the measurement results with the nominal size of the standard bar to determine whether the size of the standard bar meets the requirements. If there are deviations in the measurement results, the operator will further check the measurement process to find out the possible causes and take appropriate measures to correct them.



Through this measurement of 8MM standard bar by the on-line measuring instrument, the operator is not only able to accurately obtain the dimensional data of the standard bar, but also able to verify and calibrate the performance of the measuring equipment. This is of great significance to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the subsequent measurement work.

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