What is an industrial projection lens




An industrial projection lens is a special optical device, based on the principle of convex lenses, used to converge light from a light source to a focal point, and to magnify and project the image at the focal point onto a screen or other flat surface by means of a projection mechanism. Such lenses usually consist of a convex lens, a concave lens, and other auxiliary optical elements to magnify and focus the image.


In the industrial sector, projection lenses have a wide range of applications. For example, in the field of machine vision, industrial projection lenses are often used for tasks such as product quality inspection, dimensional measurement, surface defect detection, and barcode and QR code recognition. In automated production lines, automated quality control and production monitoring can be achieved by using industrial projection lenses to acquire product images and combining them with image processing software for recognition and analysis.



Industrial projection lenses also play an important role in video surveillance, industrial inspection, and medical imaging. For example, in non-destructive testing, industrial projection lenses can capture and analyze surface and internal defects of products to ensure product quality. In the medical imaging field, endoscopes, microscopes and other equipment also require industrial projection lenses to provide clear images.



POMEAS industrial projection lenses are important optical devices that are widely used in many industrial fields and play a key role in improving production efficiency and product quality. For more information about industrial projection lenses, contact Promise, a company specializing in measurement systems, vision systems, and optical systems, with customized solutions to help customers improve the competitiveness of their equipment.

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