What is the difference between an industrial projection lens and a traditional lens?




Industrial projection lenses differ significantly from conventional lenses in several ways.



1, from the point of view of the design purpose and application areas, industrial projection lenses are mainly designed for industrial applications, such as machine vision, automation control, measurement and analysis and other fields to meet the requirements of high precision, high resolution and stability. While the traditional lens is more designed for photography, film and television applications, focusing on picture performance and artistic effect.


2, in the focusing mode, traditional lenses usually have the function of autofocus, can automatically according to the scene and the object of focus adjustment. The industrial projection lens may use manual focus, the user needs to manually adjust the focus and focus, in order to adapt to different industrial applications and needs.


3, industrial projection lenses usually have a large aperture and long working distance to adapt to different industrial applications, while having a strong durability and adaptability to cope with harsh industrial environments. While traditional lenses may be more designed to be lightweight, portable and easy to carry, to adapt to a variety of photography and film shooting environment.


4, from the functional characteristics, industrial projection lens may have some special features, such as network control functions, making the projector can be remotely controlled and monitored through the network. While the traditional lens may pay more attention to optical performance, aberration correction and other aspects of optimization.



Industrial projection lenses and conventional lenses differ significantly in terms of design purpose, application area, focusing method, durability and adaptability, and functional characteristics. These differences make them each have unique advantages and applicability in specific areas.

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