What is spectral imaging technology




Spectral imaging technology is a new type of multidimensional information acquisition technology that combines imaging technology and spectral technology. It can detect and obtain the data cube composed of two-dimensional spatial information and one-dimensional spectral information of the measured target, and after data processing, it can obtain the spectral curves of different features.



Spectral imaging technology utilizes the principle that different substances have different absorption and reflection properties for different wavelengths of light. In spectral imaging, the spectral absorption and reflection characteristics of a target are obtained by passing light emitted or reflected from the target through a spectrometer, splitting the light into spectra of different wavelengths and measuring the absorption or reflection intensity at each wavelength. These properties can provide information about the material composition, surface structure, etc. of the target.



Spectral imaging technology has both spectral resolution capability and image resolution capability, which can perform qualitative, quantitative, and localization analysis of the measured object, and using the spectral difference of the surface composition of the object, it can realize the precise identification and localization of the target. It has a wide range of applications in the fields of material identification, remote sensing detection, and medical diagnosis. With the continuous improvement of spectral resolution and the acquisition of finer target spectral information, the application of spectral imaging technology in the fields of military, agriculture, medicine, resource exploration, geological survey and so on has become more and more extensive.



Spectral imaging technology is a technology that can simultaneously acquire the spatial and spectral information of the measured target, and it has a wide range of application prospects in many fields.

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