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With the continuous development of smartphone technology, the rear camera of a cell phone has become one of the most important factors for consumers to consider when purchasing a cell phone. The performance of the camera directly affects the clarity and experience of the user's photos. Therefore, accurate measurement of the rear camera of a cell phone is especially critical.


Measurement requirements:



1, the size of the camera module measurement: to ensure the compatibility of the camera module with the phone's motherboard and other components.


2、Camera lens optical characteristics measurement: such as focal length, aperture, aberration, etc., in order to assess the camera's image quality.


3、Camera sensor size and pixel measurement: Understanding the sensor size and pixel arrangement has a direct impact on the camera resolution and imaging effect.


4、Camera installation position and angle measurement: to ensure the coordination of the camera with the appearance of the phone and other functional components after installation.



Measurement difficulties:



1, high precision requirements: due to the tiny size of the camera, and has a very high demand for imaging quality, so the measurement process needs to achieve micron-level accuracy.


2, complex optical properties: the optical properties of the camera lens is diverse, involving a number of parameters, requiring specialized measurement equipment and methods to accurately assess.


3, environmental factors interfere: such as temperature, humidity and other environmental factors may have an impact on the measurement results, the need to control the measurement environment in order to reduce the error.



The advantages of POMEAS automatic image measuring instrument (flash measuring instrument) to measure the rear camera of the finger:



1, non-contact measurement: Pumice Image Measuring Instrument adopts non-contact measurement method, which will not cause any damage or contamination to the camera. This helps to protect the surface and optical properties of the camera.


2, High-precision Measurement: Bumiputra Image Measuring Instrument adopts advanced image processing technology and high-precision optical system, which is capable of high-precision dimensional measurement of the rear camera of the cell phone. This is crucial to ensure the assembly accuracy and optical performance of the camera.


3、Multi-functional Measurement: The meter can not only measure the size, but also provide comprehensive analysis of the camera's optical characteristics, such as focal length, aperture, aberration, etc., to provide a comprehensive evaluation of the camera's performance.


4、Data analysis and report: Pumice Image Measuring Instrument can generate detailed inspection reports, including measurement results, images and data analysis. These reports help engineers for quality control and failure analysis.


5, easy to operate: measuring instrument equipped with a friendly user interface and automated measurement program, enabling engineers to easily get started and quickly complete the measurement task.


As an advanced non-contact measuring equipment, POMEAS Automatic Image Measuring Instrument (Flash Measuring Instrument) has become the ideal choice for measuring the rear camera of cell phone with its advantages of high accuracy, multi-function, data analysis and report generation and easy operation, etc. for fast cell phone rear camera size. It not only meets the current high requirements for camera measurement in the cell phone manufacturing industry, but also provides strong support for improving the performance and quality of cell phone cameras.

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