Measuring system to accurately measure gold finger spacing




In modern industry, gold fingers are increasingly used and their accurate pitch measurement is crucial to ensure product quality and performance. With its high efficiency and accuracy, the POMEAS image measuring instrument is the ideal choice for the measurement of gold finger spacing.



Gold Finger, usually refers to the metal contact piece used for connecting and transmitting signals in electronic devices, and is named for its gold-colored appearance. The accuracy of gold finger spacing directly affects the stability and reliability of electronic devices. Therefore, accurate measurement of gold finger spacing is a key component to ensure product quality.



Detecting Difficulties:



1、The gold finger spacing is tiny and requires high precision measuring equipment to capture it accurately;


2、The possible stains and scratches on the surface of the gold finger will affect the accuracy of the measurement results.



Detection Steps:



With the advanced image processing technology, POMEAS Image Measuring Instrument is able to realize accurate measurement of gold finger spacing. The inspection procedure takes only 3 steps:


1. Place the gold finger sample on the carrier table of the measuring instrument;

2. With just one click, the measuring instrument can automatically complete the image acquisition and spacing measurement;

3. Measurement data will be displayed on the screen in a clear and intuitive form, and can be exported to a variety of formats, which is convenient for subsequent data analysis and processing.



Detection Advantage:



Fast speed: its fast detection speed, can complete the measurement of a large number of samples in a short period of time, greatly improving the work efficiency.


High Repeatability: The high repeatability of the meter ensures the accuracy and consistency of each measurement.


Simple operation: Easy operation is one of the main features of the PEMS image measuring instrument, which can be operated by users without complicated training.


Clear and exportable data: Measurement data can be exported for easy data analysis and report production.



With its high efficiency, accuracy and simplicity, the POMEAS image measuring instrument provides a reliable solution for the measurement of gold finger spacing. Whether you are an electronic product manufacturer or a quality inspection organization, you can use this instrument to control the pitch of the gold finger and ensure the stable improvement of product quality and performance.

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