Line Scan Lenses for Defect Detection in the Electronics Industry




With the rapid development of the electronics industry, product quality and precision have become the core elements of enterprise competition. In order to meet this demand, machine vision systems are more and more widely used in defect detection of electronic products. Among them, the line scan lens, as a key component of the machine vision system, plays an important role in the defect detection of electronic products with its unique performance and characteristics.



How a line-scan lens works:



The Line Scan Lens is a high-performance FA lens designed for image size, pixel size and line sensing series cameras. It utilizes a fixed aperture design that ensures optimal depth of field, image resolution and brightness at every magnification range. This design allows the line-scan lens to capture and transmit image information quickly and accurately, providing strong support for defect detection in electronic products.



Specific applications of line-scan lenses in defect detection in the electronics industry:



PCB board defect detection


PCB is one of the core components of electronic equipment, and its quality directly affects the performance of the entire product. Line scanning lens can efficiently identify defects such as lack of solder, whitening, black spots, etc. on PCB boards. Through high-precision image capture and processing, it can accurately determine the quality status of PCB boards, providing a strong guarantee for the production and quality control of enterprises.



Liquid crystal screen defect detection


As an important display component of electronic products, the quality of LCD screen is crucial to user experience. Line scanning lens can comprehensively obtain the image information of the LCD screen, and quickly detect defects on the LCD screen such as bright spots, dark spots, lines, etc. This helps companies to find and solve problems in a timely manner. This helps companies to find and solve problems in a timely manner, improve product quality and user satisfaction.



Cell phone touch screen smooth surface scratches, cracks detection


Cell phone touch screen as an important interface between the user and the device interaction, its smooth surface scratches and cracks will seriously affect the user experience. The high resolution and low noise characteristics of the line scanning lens can accurately identify tiny defects on the surface of the touch screen. Through the automated inspection system, companies can quickly screen out products with problems and improve the product qualification rate.

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