Two or three things you must know about zoom lenses




In the fields of visual observation and visual measurement, zoom lenses have become an indispensable and important tool with their unique features and advantages. In the next section, we will delve into the importance of zoom lenses, and considerations when selecting them.



The importance of zoom lenses


The importance of a zoom lens, a lens system with adjustable focal length, lies in its ability to make precise focal length adjustments as needed to achieve high-precision measurements of objects of different sizes. Characterized by high resolution and high contrast, this lens provides clear, sharp images, making measurements more accurate and reliable.


In terms of visual observation, the zoom lens can help us better capture the details of the target object, whether it is a tiny insect, a cell, or a distant landscape, all of which can be clearly displayed through the zoom lens. As for visual measurement, the zoom lens can realize accurate measurement of various object sizes, shapes, positions and other parameters, providing powerful technical support for industrial production, scientific research experiments and other fields.



Considerations for selecting a zoom lens



Focal length range: Different application scenarios require different focal length ranges. When selecting a zoom lens, you need to choose the appropriate focal length range according to the actual needs to ensure that you can capture a clear image of the target object.


Resolution and contrast: High resolution and high contrast are important performance indicators for zoom lenses. The higher these two indicators are, the better the quality of the image and the higher the accuracy of the measurement results.


Optical performance: the optical performance of the zoom lens directly affects the clarity and color reproduction of the image. When selecting, you need to pay attention to the optical performance of the lens to ensure that you can get high-quality images.


Mechanical performance: the mechanical performance of the zoom lens includes the zoom mechanism, focusing mechanism and other parts. The stability and durability of these parts are very important to ensure the long-term use of the lens.




POMEAS zoom lenses have become the must-have lenses for measuring instrument companies due to their excellent performance and stable quality.



1、High precision measurement: POMEAS zoom lens adopts precise optical design and manufacturing process, which is able to realize high-precision measurement tasks. Whether it is size measurement, shape measurement or position measurement, POMEAS zoom lens can provide accurate and reliable data support.


2, High-speed response: POMEAS zoom lens has a fast zoom function, which can adjust the focal length in a short time to adapt to different measurement needs. This fast response is especially important in industrial production lines to improve productivity and quality.


3, strong versatility: POMEAS zoom lens can be combined with a variety of different image measurement equipment, such as industrial cameras, microscopes, etc.. This versatility makes POMEAS zoom lens can be widely used in different measurement fields and scenarios.


4, stability and durability: POMEAS zoom lenses are made of high-quality materials and precision manufacturing process, with good stability and durability. Even when used for a long time in harsh environments, they can maintain stable performance and accurate measurement results.



Founded in 2010, POMEAS is a vision technology as the core, integration of optics, control, algorithms and other technologies, focusing on the field of measurement systems, vision systems, optical systems, with customized solutions for customers to help customers improve the competitiveness of the equipment.

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