Advantages of telecentric lenses for round hole inspection




Telecentric lenses are often used in vision inspection solutions, especially round hole inspection solutions. Because of its unique imaging method and telecentric optical path, it becomes the preferred lens in round hole inspection program. The following are the advantages of telecentric lenses in round hole inspection:



1, high-resolution and high-precision measurement: telecentric lenses are able to capture the subtle texture and dimensional changes on the surface of the round hole, providing clear and accurate images, thus realizing the accurate measurement of key parameters such as the diameter and roundness of the round hole. This high-resolution features make the telecentric lens in the round hole inspection to identify small defects and deviations, providing strong support for product quality control.



2, low distortion characteristics: the low distortion design of the telecentric lens can reduce image distortion, to ensure the authenticity of the image. In round hole inspection, this feature is particularly important, because any distortion may lead to deviation in the measurement results. By using a low distortion telecentric lens, you can ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measurement results.



3, large depth of field: telecentric lens has a large depth of field, which makes it in the detection of different depths of the round hole can maintain a clear image. Even when detecting round holes with large changes in depth, the telecentric lens can provide stable imaging results, avoiding the blurring of the image caused by changes in depth.



4, high stability: the telecentric lens can maintain stable performance over a long period of time to ensure the continuity and consistency of the detection results. This is particularly important for the need for long continuous operation of the round hole inspection system.



5, suitable for automated inspection: telecentric lens can be seamlessly integrated with the machine vision system to achieve automated, high-precision round hole inspection. Through image processing and algorithm analysis, the system can automatically identify the edges of round holes, extract key parameters and perform defect detection. This automated inspection not only improves the inspection efficiency, but also reduces the risk of human error.



The advantages of POMEAS telecentric lenses in round hole inspection are mainly reflected in the high resolution, high precision measurement, low distortion, large depth of field, high stability, and suitability for automated inspection, etc. These advantages make Pumice telecentric lenses the ideal choice for round hole inspection. These advantages make telecentric lenses the ideal choice for round hole inspection, providing strong support for product quality control and process improvement.

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