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In industrial production, the detection of dirty and defective bores has always been an important and complex issue. The detection difficulty is especially significant for those products with fine apertures and complex internal structures, such as precision mechanical parts, pipes, bearings, and so on. These soiling and defects not only affect the performance and life of the product, but may also have a serious impact on the overall production process.



Detecting Difficulties:



1, limited field of view: due to the size limitations of the bore, the traditional inspection methods are difficult to directly observe the internal dirt and defects.

2, poor lighting conditions: the bore environment is usually insufficient light, and there are reflections and scattering phenomena, which will affect the imaging quality and detection accuracy.

3、Diverse shapes and materials: Different products have different shapes and materials of the bore, which requires flexible adjustment of the inspection program.



Detection Program:



1. Lenses

A 5 megapixel industrial lens was selected for its high resolution, low distortion and long focal length. Through precise optical design and optimization, the lens enables high-definition imaging of the inside of the bore, effectively capturing details of dirt and blemishes.


2. Light sources

To address the problem of insufficient light in the borehole environment, we use a combination of a ring light source and a coaxial light source. The ring light source can provide uniform and stable illumination and reduce reflection and scattering phenomena, while the coaxial light source can enhance the contrast and clarity of the image, making dirt and defects more visible. At the same time, we can also flexibly adjust the brightness and angle of the light source according to the different materials and shapes of the products to obtain the best imaging effect.


3. Camera

A high-performance industrial camera is selected, characterized by high resolution, high frame rate, low noise and low delay. Through accurate digital image processing technology, the camera can realize real-time acquisition, transmission and processing of bore images, effectively ensuring the accuracy and real-time detection. At the same time, the camera also has a variety of triggering methods and output interfaces, which is convenient to integrate and connect with various inspection equipment and control systems.



Detecting effects:



The POMEAS bore inspection solution enables efficient and accurate detection of bore dirt and defects. During the inspection process, the camera captures the bore image in real time and automatically recognizes and marks the location and size of dirt and defects through image processing technology. At the same time, the program is highly flexible and scalable, and can be flexibly adjusted and expanded according to different products and inspection needs.

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