Three highlights of the Image Size Gauge




In today's precision manufacturing and inspection field, image dimension gauges have become indispensable tools due to their efficiency, accuracy and stability. With its excellent performance and advanced technology, POMEAS image measuring instrument has won wide recognition in the market. In the following, we will introduce the three highlights of this measuring instrument in detail: fast, accurate and stable.





1, get started quickly: the measuring instrument's operating interface is designed to be simple and straightforward, and the function buttons and options are clear and easy to understand. Even inexperienced operators can quickly master the operation skills in a short time, greatly improving work efficiency.


2、Fast measurement: Equipped with the C1 controller, the POMEAS image measuring instrument is compact and functionally integrated, supporting multiple cameras to collect images simultaneously. Combined with double-sided double telecentric lenses and 20 million pixels high-definition industrial cameras, it is able to quickly capture the image of the measured object and quickly complete the size measurement through powerful image processing capabilities. This efficient measurement speed enables the POMEAS Image Gauge to quickly respond to a large number of measurement needs on the production line.





1, High precision lens: dual side double telecentric lens provides a wider field of view and higher measurement accuracy. This lens design reduces measurement errors caused by lens distortion and focal length errors, thus ensuring the accuracy of measurement results.


2、High-definition industrial camera: The twenty million pixel high-definition industrial camera has high-definition pixels and powerful image processing capability. It is able to capture more delicate image details, providing rich data support for subsequent measurement analysis. Combined with high-precision lenses and cameras, POMEAS Image Measuring Instrument is able to achieve micron-level measurement accuracy to meet a variety of high-precision measurement needs.





1, light source system: By connecting the light source system, POMEAS image measuring instrument can ensure stable and uniform lighting conditions during the measurement process. This helps to reduce the measurement errors caused by light changes and improve the stability of the measurement.


2, Motion Controller: The motion controller can accurately control the trajectory and speed of the measuring instrument to ensure that the measurement process to maintain a stable measurement state. This stability not only ensures the accuracy of the measurement results, but also improves the service life of the measuring instrument.


3, software algorithms: POMEAS image measuring instrument adopts advanced image processing and measurement algorithms, which can automatically identify and correct various error factors in the measurement process. This allows different people in the operation of the measuring instrument, even if there are some operational differences, but also to obtain consistent and stable measurement results.



With its fast, accurate and stable features, POMEAS Image Measuring Instrument has shown its excellent performance and advantages in the field of precision manufacturing and inspection. Whether on the production line or in the laboratory, it provides users with efficient and accurate measurement solutions.

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