Image Gauge Application: Measurement of Connector PIN Pin Height




In the electronics manufacturing and precision machinery industry, the accurate measurement of connector PIN pin height is a crucial task. the height of the PIN pin directly affects the performance and reliability of the equipment, so how to efficiently and accurately complete this measurement task has become the focus of attention of manufacturers. As a state-of-the-art measurement tool, image measuring instruments show great potential and advantages in measuring the height of connector PIN pins.



The working principle of the image measuring instrument:



The Image Gauge is a measuring device based on machine vision technology, which captures the image of the measured object through a high-resolution camera, and analyzes and processes the image using precise image processing algorithms to obtain information about the size, shape, and position of the measured object. When measuring the height of the connector PIN pin, the Image Gauge first captures the image of the connector PIN pin through the camera, then extracts the edge contour of the PIN pin through the image processing algorithm and calculates the height of the PIN pin.



Advantages of the Image Gauge for measuring PIN pin height:



High precision: The image measuring instrument adopts a high-resolution camera and precise image processing algorithms, capable of realizing micron-level measurement accuracy, which meets the demand for high-precision measurement of PIN pin height.


Non-contact measurement: Compared with the traditional contact measurement, the image measuring instrument adopts non-contact measurement, which avoids damage and pollution to the measured object during the measurement process, and also improves the speed and efficiency of measurement.


High degree of automation: Image measuring instrument can realize automated measurement, through the setting of measurement parameters and procedures, the measurement task can be completed automatically, reducing human intervention and errors, and improving the stability and reliability of the measurement.


Easy to operate: Image measuring instrument has a friendly user interface and simple operation process, which makes it easy for the operator to master the measurement skills and improve the working efficiency.



As a state-of-the-art measuring tool, the POMEAS Image Measuring Instrument shows great potential and advantages in measuring the height of connector PIN pins. Its high accuracy, non-contact measurement, high degree of automation and ease of operation make it an indispensable measuring device in the electronics manufacturing and precision machinery industries.

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