How to choose the right aberration rate for industrial lenses?




Choosing the right aberration rate for industrial lenses depends largely on the specific application needs and measurement accuracy requirements. Here are some suggested steps and considerations:



Define application requirements: Be clear about the specific needs of industrial applications for image quality and measurement accuracy. For example, if you are performing high-precision dimensional measurements or shape analysis, then you may need to choose a lens with a lower aberration rate.



Understanding Aberration Types: Aberrations are mainly categorized into radial and tangential aberrations. Radial aberrations are usually characterized by object distortion at the edges of the image, while tangential aberrations are caused by angular errors between the lens and the imaging plane. For most industrial applications, radial aberrations are likely to be of more primary concern.



Check the lens specifications: When selecting a lens, look at the aberration rate data in its specification. This is usually given as a percentage or pixel value. For applications requiring high precision measurements, it may be more appropriate to choose a lens with a lower aberration rate.



Consider calibration and correction: If you have a limited budget but need a degree of accuracy, consider using a lens with a slightly higher aberration rate and minimize the effect of the aberration through software calibration or correction. Modern machine vision software often provides such capabilities.



Understanding test methods: Lens manufacturers often provide data or methods for aberration testing. Understanding these test methods can help you more accurately evaluate the aberration performance of your lens.



Consider other parameters: In addition to the aberration rate, you also need to consider whether other parameters such as resolution, field of view, focal length, etc. meet your needs. These parameters will also affect the choice of lens.

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