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Measurement systems in machine vision are an important component that utilize machines instead of the human eye to make various measurements and judgments. Here is a quick introduction to measurement systems in machine vision:



Measurement system in machine vision refers to the conversion of the captured target into an image signal by machine vision products (such as image ingestion devices, which are divided into two types: CMOS and CCD), which is transmitted to a dedicated image processing system. This system converts these signals into digital signals based on information such as pixel distribution, brightness, color, etc., and extracts the characteristics of the target through various operations, and then controls the equipment action at the site based on the results of the discrimination.



The measurement system in machine vision consists of the following main components:



Image Acquisition System: Includes an image acquisition device and an optical system for capturing images of the target object and converting them into an analog format.


Image Processing System: Processes and analyzes the captured image using a computer or image processing device, including image enhancement, edge detection, feature extraction and other operations.


Information synthesis and analysis processing system: according to the data and features obtained by the image processing system, make decisions and judgments, and output corresponding control signals or results.



Measurement systems in machine vision have several distinguishing features:


1, high degree of automation: can realize fully automatic measurement process, without manual intervention, greatly improving the measurement efficiency and accuracy.


2, non-contact measurement: the use of optical or image sensing technology, without the need for direct contact with the measured object, to avoid the contact measurement may bring errors and damage.


3, high precision measurement: through high-precision image processing and feature extraction technology, it can achieve micron-level measurement accuracy.


4, high reliability: due to the use of computer and image processing technology, the measurement system has a high degree of reliability and stability, and can operate stably for a long time.



Measurement systems have been widely used in various fields, for example, in the manufacturing industry, machine vision measurement systems can be used for product inspection, size measurement, positional positioning, etc.; in the field of quality inspection, it can be used for product defect detection, surface quality assessment, etc.; in the field of medical care, it can be used for medical image analysis, surgical navigation, etc.; in the field of agriculture, it can be used for crop growth monitoring, pest and disease identification In the field of agriculture, it can be used for crop growth monitoring, pest and disease identification, etc.



As an efficient, precise and reliable measurement tool, measurement system has become an indispensable part of modern industrial production and quality control.

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