Flat Glass Flatness Inspection Program




The flatness of flat glass is a crucial parameter that not only affects the overall performance of the equipment, but also relates to the stability and service life of the equipment. Therefore, flatness inspection of flat glass is particularly important.


As a company specializing in the field of measurement systems, vision systems, and optical systems, POMEAS has developed a multi-sensor measurement system inspection solution for flat glass flatness inspection.



The inspection solution adopts a multifaceted sensor measurement system, which realizes the fast and accurate inspection of flat glass flatness by combining lens inspection module, sensor measurement system and vision measurement software. The system has the following characteristics:


High accuracy: adopting high-precision sensors to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.


Rapidity: Fast measurement is achieved through optimized algorithm and hardware design.


Easy to operate: friendly user interface and concise operation flow, reducing the difficulty of operation.



Detection process:


1、Preparation stage: Place the flat glass to be measured on the test bench to ensure that the glass fits closely with the test bench.


2、Sensor calibration: Calibrate the sensor in the multi-sensor measurement system to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results.


3、Automatic Measurement: Start the measurement system, the sensor starts to collect the data on the surface of the flat glass. The system analyzes and processes the collected data through algorithms to calculate the flatness of the flat glass.


4、Results output: The measurement results will be output in the form of numbers or graphics, which is convenient for users to view and analyze.



System Components:


1. sensing measurement system: using spectral confocal sensors to collect data on the flat glass surface;


2. Lens Detection Module: using a zoom lens module, the magnification can be easily adjusted to obtain the best image quality and measurement accuracy;


3. data processing system: the collected data are processed and analyzed to calculate the flatness of the flat glass.



The flatness inspection program for flat glass developed by POMEAS uses a multi-sensor measurement system to quickly and accurately inspect the flatness of flat glass. The solution is characterized by high accuracy, speed, automation and ease of operation, which can meet the needs of different industries for flat glass flatness inspection.

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