Advantages of OLED screen inspection with zoom lens application




OLED screens are widely used in various industrial fields due to their excellent display effect, however, the quality inspection of the screen is a crucial part in the production process. As an efficient and accurate inspection tool, the POMEAS zoom lens shows significant advantages in OLED screen inspection.




High Precision Inspection


The POMEAS zoom lens allows the focal length to be adjusted as needed, enabling high-precision measurements of objects of different sizes. In OLED screen inspection, this feature enables inspectors to more accurately observe and identify tiny defects and color spots on the screen. For example, when detecting pixel defects, the zoom lens can be magnified to a large enough magnification to clearly show the status of each pixel to accurately determine if there are bright, dark or bad spots.




Wide Field Of View


POMEAS zoom lenses, especially 4K zoom lenses, have a larger field of view than traditional zoom systems. This means that a wider area of the screen can be covered in a single inspection, reducing the number of inspections and improving inspection efficiency. In addition, the large field of view range also helps to extract multiple tiny features on the screen at once, which is more conducive to the identification of microcircuit defects on the display.




High-resolution imaging


POMEAS zoom lenses are characterized by high resolution and can provide clear, sharp images. In OLED screen inspection, high-resolution images are able to better show the details of the screen, including the alignment of pixels and color distribution. This is crucial for detecting tiny defects and color spots. For example, when detecting color spots and color blocks, high-resolution images can clearly show color differences on the screen, helping inspectors accurately determine whether there is a problem.




Quick Zoom Function


The POMEAS zoom lens has a fast zoom function that allows the focal length to be adjusted in a short period of time. This feature allows inspectors to quickly switch between different magnifications for a more comprehensive view and assessment of the quality of the OLED screen. The fast zoom function improves inspection efficiency while helping to reduce visual fatigue caused by observing the same area for a long period of time.




Flexibility and versatility


POMEAS zoom lenses offer good flexibility and versatility. They can be combined with a variety of different image measuring equipment, such as HD industrial cameras, flat light sources, etc., to meet different inspection needs. This flexibility makes the zoom lenses have a wide range of applications in the field of OLED screen inspection.



POMEAS zoom lenses have significant advantages in OLED screen inspection, such as high-precision inspection, large field of view, high-resolution imaging, fast zoom function, as well as flexibility and versatility. These advantages make the zoom lens one of the indispensable tools in OLED screen inspection.

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