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During industrial production, blemishes and defects may occur due to limitations in materials, processes, and equipment. These flaws and defects may include problems such as pixel defects (e.g., bright spots, dark spots), color spots, uneven brightness, and abnormal response times. These problems not only affect the display effect of the screen, but may also negatively affect the user experience and brand image. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct rigorous testing of OLED screens to ensure product quality and user satisfaction.



In order to effectively detect defects and color spots on mobile OLED screens, we propose an inspection scheme consisting of a zoom lens, a high-definition industrial camera, and a flat surface light source.


(1) Zoom Lens: This lens adjusts the magnification as needed to accommodate OLED screens of different sizes and resolutions. By adjusting the magnification of the POMEAS zoom lens, defects and color spots on the screen can be observed and detected more accurately. The high precision and stability of this lens ensures that clear images can be obtained at different magnifications.


(2) High Definition Industrial Cameras: High resolution industrial cameras are used to capture minute details and imperfections on OLED screens. High-definition images help identify and analyze defects on the screen more accurately. In addition, the high frame rate and low noise characteristics of industrial cameras ensure image clarity and stability.


(3) Flat light source: Provides a uniform and stable light environment to ensure consistent illumination of the screen surface during the inspection process. This helps to minimize the interference of shadows and reflections on the detection results. The adjustable brightness and color temperature stability of the flat light source makes it adaptable to different inspection environments and needs.



Detecting images:



This OLED screen inspection solution consists of an inspection solution with a POMEAS zoom lens, a HD industrial camera and a flat surface light source, we can realize efficient and accurate inspection of cell phone OLED screens. This helps to improve product quality and user satisfaction, as well as provide reliable quality assurance for manufacturers of cell phones and televisions, among others.

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