What is the Workflow of Machine Vision Inspection System?






Machine vision is simply to replace the naked eye with a machine to detect and judge. Machine vision is the use of charge coupled device camera (CCD camera) to transform the need to be detected into image signals, transmitted to the machine vision system for processing, and according to the pixels into digital signals.



So how does the workflow of machine vision system work?

1. First, the detected object is approached or moved to the center of the vision field of the industrial camera. If so, the trigger pulse signal is sent to the image acquisition card.


2. The image acquisition card sends out start-up pulses to industrial cameras or lighting devices according to the pre-set procedures and delays of the designers, but there are also industrial cameras and lighting devices that start when the system is initialized.


3. Industrial cameras stop the current scanning and start a new frame scanning. Sometimes industrial cameras need to wait until the start pulse arrives, and then start to scan the frame after the start pulse arrives.


4. If the exposure strategy is adopted, the exposure structure should be opened before the industrial camera starts a new frame scan, and the exposure time should be set by program or hardware according to your actual needs.


5. If the exposure strategy is adopted, another start-up pulse should be used to turn on the lighting equipment. Especially, the start-up time should match the exposure time of the industrial camera.


6. After the exposure of industrial camera, the scan and output of a frame image are officially started.


7. If the output of industrial camera is analog signal, the image acquisition card will digitize the signal received from industrial camera by A/D conversion. If the output is digital signal, the matter of image acquisition card will be saved.


8. The image acquisition card sends the image signal to the memory of buffer, processor or computer for image processing and display.


9. Processors or computers process, analyze and recognize images to obtain measurement results or logical control quantities, and then process these results to control other devices (such as mechanical devices) to complete relevant actions and locate them. Correct errors in motion and so on, such as correcting the position of the robot arm.



Industrialization has entered a new era. Production automation and machine vision play an accelerating role in industrial automation. They provide quality assurance for products produced by people and facilitate product quality detection.







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