What are the Advantages of Color Confocal Displacement Sensor?






Spectral confocal is a non-contact optical measurement method, which can achieve nano-resolution, high sampling speed, also known as spectral confocal, dispersion confocal. Spectral sensor consists of confocal lens, confocal light source, spectral confocal controller, confocal optical fiber, spectral displacement sensor, spectral confocal accessories, etc.



What are the advantages of color confocal displacement sensor?

1. It is easy to measure various surfaces: mirror, curved or inclined mirror, rough surface, transparent, droplet surface, etc.

2. Good temperature stability: the lens itself does not heat, and the temperature drift is small. Temperature stability is very important for micron and submicron measurements.

3. Auto-focusing: In the range of measurement, when the position of the measured object changes up and down, the light of corresponding wavelength is focused on the surface of the object.

4. High lateral resolution: The measured spot is small and always in focus, which can distinguish the tiny contour changes of the measured object.

5. Modularization and miniaturization: The lens and decoding part can be connected by optical fiber, and the transmission distance is long, and the lens can be made very small.

6. FM anti-jamming: The wavelength is FM signal, which is insensitive to AM interference such as intensity change. Optical fibers are insensitive to electromagnetic interference and lightning surge.

7. Transparent material thickness measurement: When the measured object is transparent and has two surfaces, two wavelengths of light will return to get the thickness value.

8. High security: Long life LED light source, small power white light, safer to human eyes than laser, not limited to laser hazard level.



What specific industries can be applied?

1. Mobile phones, tablets and other metal chassis machinery and manufacturing industry

2. PCB board, connector, IC chip and other electronic industries;

3. Panel, glass, tempered film and other industries;

4. Semiconductor wafer, green energy, photovoltaic and other industries.



Common problem:

Why is the anti-interference ability of the spectral confocal displacement sensor super strong?

The optical circuit and circuit of the spectral confocal displacement sensor can be separated, and the optical fiber is connected in the middle. The light transmitted by the optical fiber is extremely difficult to be disturbed by electromagnetic interference.



Why is the popularity of spectral confocal products low?

The low popularity of spectral confocal products is mainly due to the relatively advanced technology. One of the main reasons is the technical blockade and embargo imposed by developed countries on China.







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