Circuit Board Automatic Gripping System





(A) Project Background

Today, industrial robots are increasingly being used in factory assembly, crawling the workpiece, and set up to replace the manual to complete some high-intensity, difficult and complex work. The actual production process is often required to crawl some of the disorder of the workpiece, the stacking. At this time, my company through continuous efforts and research and development, the introduction of machine vision system, successfully resolved the machine vision and the major manufacturers of communication between the robot and coordinate conversion.




(B) Functional requirements

  Guide the robot to grab the scrambled circuit board on the assembly line and place it in the specified location

  Positioning accuracy of 0.5mm-1mm

  The software system has abnormal alarm function and data statistics function

  The software system has an image display at the lens shot

  Repeat the accuracy of equipment ± 0.05mm

  Camera shooting area is about 300 * 210mm



(C) System configuration

  POMEAS high-definition telecentric lens PMS-TCM017-110

  Prism 500W pixel industrial CCD

  Industrial computer

  A Software System Based on

  Yaskawa 6 - axis manipulator



(D) System characteristics

  Cost-effective PC-based solution

  Using C #, VisionPro software development of custom operation interface, high efficiency

  Automatic start-up function







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