Vision System of Detection Scheme for Screen Flaw of Mobile Phone




With the improvement of people's living standard, mobile phone has become an essential item for everyone, and the quality requirements of consumers are getting higher and higher.  In order to reduce the bad rate of the process, improve the product quality to eliminate the bad products for the customers. The mobile phone manufacturers need to detect a lot of items before delivery, including the quality detection of the mobile screen display is a very important process.





Vision System of Detection Scheme for Screen Flaw of Mobile Phone:

 POMEAS 5 MP FA Lens  PMS-1216M5;

 POMEAS Gigabit Count Industry Canera;

 IPC: i5CPU 4G Memory



Machine vision inspection software system based on POMEAS  independent development

Detection Content: mobile phone screen whether there are black spots, white spots, dark areas

Detection Method: the machine vision method is used to detect, the camera line is fixed directly above the product, the product high-speed real-time detection by pipeline method, and the limit sample is compared to return the result.







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