Sensors Application in Shared Bicycles and Unmanned Supermarkets






Sensor application of shared bicycle


Taking the shared bicycle as an example, it is the characteristic of the shared bicycle that the mobile phone can ride by scanning code and unlocking. Speaking of smart locks, sensor technology must be mentioned here. At present, intelligent modules such as sensors are integrated in the intelligent locks of shared bicycles on the market. Sensor positioning module can help users find vehicles and operators locate the faulty vehicles. The built-in sensors can also sense whether the bicycle wades, whether the intelligent locks are damaged by external forces, and acceleration sensors can also help users locate the faulty vehicles. Monitor the speed of a bicycle. Some of the more expensive bicycles, such as Mobay bicycles, also have voltage sensors to monitor the state of the vehicle itself.



Shared bicycle is recognized by the market mainly because of its convenient use. Intelligent car lock is the core link. Users can unlock, return and charge independently through intelligent car lock. Sensors are the basic components to realize these functions. While sharing bicycles are expanding wildly, problems such as random parking are gradually emerging. In Metro crossings, parks and other downtown areas of major cities, a large number of bicycles of various colors are often seen parking randomly, occupying public space, bringing serious potential traffic safety hazards. In order to solve the problem of random parking, relevant departments have interviewed some sharing bicycle enterprises, urged them to strengthen the management of operation and maintenance order, and standardized user parking areas by using electronic fencing, virtual parking spaces and other technologies. The so-called "electronic fence" is a technology to achieve network coverage by transmitting signals through Internet of Things chips. It can delimit a "fence" for shared bicycle parking. Only when the bicycle is parked in the "electronic fence" can the payment be closed.





Unmanned supermarket sensor


With the development of science and technology, the application of sensor technology in the future is far more than sharing bicycle market. Not long ago, Ali's first unmanned supermarket opened in Hangzhou, causing great concern. Users only need to use the mobile phone to scan the two-dimensional code, then they can enter the store to pick the goods. Before leaving the shop, Alipay will automatically deduct the money through a "payment gate". The black technology that makes you unconsciously "cut hands" can not be separated from the application of all kinds of sensors.



It is understood that Alibaba unmanned supermarket has used visual sensors, pressure sensors and other technologies to sense the information of commodities and locate the location of commodities. According to Zeng Xiaodong, a senior technical expert in the industry, in the future, the development direction of the unmanned supermarket will move towards digitalization. Every customer's every move will be digitalized systematically. Data will be collected by sensors and uploaded to the cloud, and many valuable information will be obtained through the algorithm model.



The Internet of Things has become the next outlet after the Internet. As its foundation, the sensor industry is about to take off against the wind. Sensor technology will also play a more and more important role in our life. For sensor enterprises, this is a historic development opportunity, at the same time, it also poses challenges to the technical level of sensors. It will be an important way for enterprises to seize the market to strengthen the research and development of innovative technology and shift from providing sensor products to system solutions.







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