Intelligent Sensors will Play an Important Role in Industrial Automation Industry






Sensors, as a sensing device, can acquire and detect information, which is the technical basis for automatic detection and system control. In the daily scientific research and production process, some information and data need to be acquired through sensors. The principle of sensors is to convert signals into electrical and optical signals and transmit them. With the development of automation technology, the demand for sensors is increasing.


At present, the application of common type sensors has been very extensive, especially in various links of industrial production. Sensors are mainly used for monitoring production links. Intelligent sensors can effectively collect data from each production link and timely feed back to the control center in order to intervene in abnormal links. In order to ensure the normal operation of industrial production.


With the wider and wider application of the Internet of Things in China, some enterprises and factories have introduced the application of the Internet of Things into the industrial automation production, making use of the unique advantages of data acquisition of the Internet of Things, and implementing the transformation and application of production automation. It can be inferred that smart sensors will have broad technical and market prospects in the future intelligent production of industrial automation.


In recent years, industrial automation has been put on the agenda more and more. A large number of enterprises need to realize automation transformation and upgrading. Traditional sensors can not meet the needs of industrial automation. Industrial automation has a strong demand for high-quality sensor products, especially for the viscosity, hardness and surface finish of sensors. At present, the new generation of sensor products with the characteristics of intelligent technology can effectively solve the problem of high-quality sensor demand in the process of industrial automation and intelligent development. At present, the application of common types of sensors has been very extensive, especially in industrial production. Sensors are badly needed in all kinds of links, mainly for the monitoring of production links. Intelligent sensors can effectively collect data from all production links and feed back to the control center in time, so as to intervene in the abnormal links, so as to ensure the normal operation of industrial production.


People in the automation industry generally believe that the key to the development of industrial automation is the production of intelligent sensors with advanced technical characteristics. Intelligent sensors can maintain the continuous operation of automatic production line because of their unique technical characteristics. In addition, through low delay and real-time network and high-performance programmable controller and human-machine interface, the production line becomes more intelligent and controllable. Large and medium-sized enterprises have always attached great importance to the quality of products. High-efficiency and intelligent production line is the premise to ensure high-quality products. Intelligent sensors are the key to realize intelligent production automation, so the development of intelligent sensors is particularly important.


In 2017, the sensor industry has achieved rapid development. Both domestic and foreign governments attach great importance to it. Various incentive policies and regulations have been issued to promote the development of related industries. With the development of Internet of Things and industrial intelligent automation in recent years, the market demand of sensors is increasing at a rate of 5 times per year. In the future, the sensor industry will be the most emerging and promising industry in China.







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