Introduction to High-speed Camera Knowledge






What is a High Speed Camera

High-speed camera is a kind of industrial camera. Generally, high-speed camera refers to digital industrial camera. It is usually installed on the machine pipeline instead of the human eye for measurement and judgment. It is converted into image signal by digital image capture target and transmitted to the special image processing system.



Advantages of High Speed Cameras

Compared with ordinary cameras, high-speed cameras have high image stability, high transmission capacity and high anti-interference ability.



Application of High Speed Camera

High-speed cameras are usually installed on the machine pipeline instead of human eyes for measurement and judgment. Targets are converted into image signals by digital electronic devices and transmitted to a special image processing system. The image system performs various operations on these signals to extract the characteristics of targets, and then controls the scene according to the results of discrimination. Equipment action. Industrial cameras are widely used in production testing, pharmaceutical, printing, electrical manufacturing, and higher requirements of the industry.



How to choose a high-speed camera?

In the application of the whole machine vision system, the selection of high-speed camera is very important. Before choosing a high-speed camera, we should first understand the detection task, which is static or dynamic? How often do you take pictures? Is it defect detection or size measurement or positioning guidance? What is the visual field of the product? How much precision does it need to achieve? The performance of the software used? How is the field application environment? Are there any other special requirements, etc.



Dynamic Chart of High Speed Camera



Dynamic rendering

If it is a dynamic photography, how much is the speed of motion, according to the speed of motion to choose the minimum exposure time and whether the need for progressive scanning of the camera; and the frame rate of the camera is related to the pixels, the higher the resolution, the lower the frame rate; according to the different detection tasks, product size, the need to achieve the camera resolution and the soft used. The performance of the device can calculate the required high-speed resolution; the most important consideration in the field environment is the temperature, humidity, interference and illumination conditions to select different high-speed cameras.



Advantages of High Speed Cameras

1. High-speed real-time uncompressed image recording, real-time display, set speed echo.

2. The system adopts the recording mode of writing data directly to hard disk, which solves the problem of short recording time in traditional memory recording mode, and also solves the problem that the transmission speed of traditional acquisition system is limited by the bandwidth of PCI bus.

3. Ensure that nearly 100% of frames are not lost, which solves the problems of frame loss and lack of power-off protection in traditional memory recording mode.

4. The system works independently, occupies little computer resources and has high reliability.

5. A system can support multiple boards and cameras, and track and record multiple targets at the same time.

6. Supporting the superposition and fusion of various external signals.

7. Support a variety of image formats, and have a variety of software and hardware trigger functions.

8. The software interface is simple, which is convenient for secondary development and real-time processing.



In summary, the advantages of high-speed cameras are obvious, and with the wide application of high-speed cameras, machine vision plays an increasingly important role in various industrial applications.







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