The Importance of Machine Vision Lenses




Machine vision systems can be used in modern industrial production to control the size, position and orientation of parts on an industrial production line more precisely. The machine vision system is mainly composed of industrial lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, and image processing systems. Whether each part is important to the machine vision system, but the most critical original is the industrial lens. If the system wants to fully play its functions , the industrial lens must be able to meet the requirements. When choosing an industrial lens for a vision control system, machine vision integrators should consider four main factors:


1. Can detect object categories and characteristics;


2. depth of field or focal length;


3. Loading and detection distance;


4. operating environment.


By analyzing these four factors of industrial lenses, the appropriate lens selection can be determined for a specific application.



The role of machine vision in controlling industrial processes has become increasingly important, especially in areas such as robot guidance, object recognition, and quality assurance. Current excellent vision systems go beyond those basic functions to provide information for subsequent functions, such as moving objects from one location to another.



Choosing an industrial lens with superior performance is the key to ensuring the stability of the machine vision system. Pomeas' products include high-magnification zoom industrial lenses, high-resolution 10-megapixel industrial lenses, telecentric industrial lenses, machine vision light sources, industrial cameras, etc. , can provide customers with complete visual solutions. 



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