Application of different industrial lenses




In the machine vision system, the main function of the industrial lens is to image the target on the photosensitive surface of the image sensor. The quality of the industrial lens directly affects the overall performance of the machine vision system. Reasonable selection and installation of the lens is an important part of the design of the machine vision system. Industrial lenses can be divided into variable magnification industrial lenses, telecentric industrial lenses, fixed focus lenses and zoom lenses, etc. Different types of industrial lenses are applicable to different fields, so it is necessary to understand the uses of various types of lenses to facilitate the selection of industrial lenses. .


The zoom industrial lens has a modular product portfolio, excellent optical performance, and compact structure design, which is very suitable for the narrow installation space in modern equipment, and can be used in high-precision image inspection, such as automatic visual inspection, electronics, semiconductors and other Contact measurement.



The telecentric industrial lens can provide constant magnification and is not affected by the distance change of the lens, which can eliminate the perspective error and ensure accurate measurement, especially suitable for precision optical measurement systems, such as: hardware size detection, mobile phone screen size measurement, plastic parts detection Wait.



The zoom lens can change the focal length within a certain range, so as to obtain different scene ranges and imaging effects. It can be matched with CCD industrial cameras and used in machine vision, production automation and other fields.



Fixed focus industrial lenses are mainly used in cases where the field of view changes little, such as industrial assembly line production, scanning of fixed objects, traffic bayonet, etc.


Pomeas has a variety of industrial lenses, which can be applied to defect detection of metals, glass, wafers, chips, etc., precision dimensional measurement of mobile phones, hardware, clocks, tools, stamping parts, etc., as well as CCD visual alignment and measurement of industrial microscopes. device etc.



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