Application of telecentric industrial lens in size detection of mobile phone casing




Mobile phones are widely used communication tools in daily life. With the development of the times, in addition to performance parameters, people's requirements for mobile phones are also getting higher and higher. A good mobile phone case can bring users a better use texture. Therefore, the fineness and aesthetics of the mobile phone case bear the requirements. also bigger. In the manufacture of mobile phones, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive size inspection of the mobile phone casing to ensure the quality of the mobile phone shipped.



The mobile phone case size detection items include R angle, radian, length and width, etc., and the detection accuracy is high. If a general industrial lens is used in the detection system, the distortion rate may exceed 1%, and the deviation of the distortion will directly cause the detection accuracy of the entire system to exceed the detection accuracy. out of range required for accuracy.



The use of Pomeas bi-telecentric industrial lenses and Gigabit Ethernet industrial cameras can solve the problems of distortion and accuracy at the same time. Accuracy deviation due to lens distortion.



Pomeas telecentric industrial lenses have cooperated with many companies in the industry to complete many high-precision visual inspection projects, which can complete the optical imaging part of the visual inspection system more quickly and flexibly. It has a good performance in detection.



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