What are the parameters of the telecentric optical lens?




Telecentric lenses are a category of industrial lenses. Telecentric optical lenses can correct the parallax of traditional lenses and are widely used in machine vision systems. This article mainly introduces the parameters of the telecentric lens to help better understand the characteristics of the telecentric lens.



Detailed explanation of the parameters of the telecentric optical lens:





Telecentricity refers to the magnification error of an object. The smaller the magnification error, the higher the telecentricity. Telecentricity has a variety of uses, and it is important to grasp the telecentricity before using the lens. The chief ray of the telecentric lens is parallel to the optical axis of the lens, and the telecentricity is not good, and the use effect of the telecentric lens is not good.





The scale of the optical system's ability, indicating that when the black and white grid pattern is observed through the lens, the maximum number of black and white stripes that can be observed in 1mm can be resolved. The resolution is the measurement value of the closest distance between two points that can be approached before they cannot be recognized. For example, a resolution of 1 μm means that the closest distance between two points can be 1 μm before they cannot be recognized.



3.Depth of Field


Depth is when the object moves back and forth from the best focus. The distance between the closest point and the farthest point where the sharpest focus occurs. The range of depth on the object side is called the depth of field. Likewise, the range on the camera side is called the depth of focus. The specific depth of field value is slightly different.



4.no perspective error


When making precise linear measurements in metrology applications, it is often necessary to observe from the standard front of an object (completely excluding the side). In addition, many mechanical parts cannot be placed precisely, and the measurement time interval is constantly changing. Software engineers, on the other hand, need images that accurately reflect the real thing.



Telecentric optical lenses are mainly used in precision measurement. In the precision optical measurement system, there are certain constraints due to ordinary optical lenses, such as image deformation, errors caused by the selection of viewing angles, and boundary uncertainty caused by inappropriate light source interference, which in turn affects the measurement accuracy. Telecentric lenses can effectively solve the above problems.



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