Die-cutting product size measurement scheme




Die-cutting products are usually processed by a combination of various tapes, foam, PET release film, release paper and other materials. They are widely used in industrial production and promote the development of all walks of life. The quality of die-cutting products is also directly It is related to the technical level of the downstream industry, but due to the material characteristics of the product, the edges of the product are often processed with cuts, wool, and glue, and it is difficult to measure accurately by conventional testing. Therefore, we need more precise and intelligent testing equipment to complete the mold. Cut product quality inspection, and the Pumis IMAGE3 PRO image measuring instrument is a good choice!



POMEAS IMAGE3 PRO image measuring instrument adopts self-developed software system and is equipped with double telecentric optical lens, which effectively improves the measurement accuracy. It can quickly detect the size of die-cutting products according to the requirements of the production process, and automatically output the test report to provide quality for production and manufacturing. Guarantee.



Equipment advantages:



1. The measurement range is large, and the products within the field of view can be quickly measured at one time.



2. The measurement speed is fast, just press one button to start the measurement after placing it, and 100 parts can be measured in 1 second, which greatly improves the detection efficiency.



3. The operation method is simple and easy to understand and quick to use. Anyone can obtain consistent measurement results without personnel error. 



4. It has the function of automatic filtering of abnormal points, which can ensure accurate and stable measurement results.



The IMAGE 3PRO image measuring instrument has outstanding advantages and has a complete after-sales service system, which can bring customers high-quality dimensional measurement solutions.



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