How to quickly measure CNC tool size?




CNC cutting tools are tools used for cutting in machinery manufacturing. Only when processing equipment and high-performance CNC cutting tools are matched can they give full play to their due efficiency and achieve good economic benefits. With the rapid development of tool materials, the physical, mechanical properties and cutting performance of various new tool materials have been greatly improved, and the scope of application has been continuously expanded.



The dimensional accuracy of the CNC tool is precisely connected with the cutting accuracy, which also directly determines the quality of its processed products. Therefore, manufacturers have high requirements on the product size during the manufacturing process of the tool. It is necessary to realize the R angle, inscribed circle, Multiple dimension parameters such as cutting edge length can be measured with high precision at the same time, and batch measurement and even full inspection of products can be achieved. Traditional size measurement equipment such as micrometers, optical projectors, etc. are complicated to operate, and it is difficult to meet the measurement needs of users in terms of efficiency.



The Pomeas  IMAGE3 series one-button measuring instrument combines high-resolution double telecentric lens with intelligent image processing technology, and incorporates the principle of one-button flash measurement. The need for batch size measurement.



Pomeas IMAGE3 series image measuring instrument has a large field of view for overall imaging, automatic focus, and the CNC tools can be placed arbitrarily within the field of view without positioning, and all dimensions can be measured by pressing one button, which is easy and simple.



The Pomeas image measuring instrument can achieve high-precision, high-efficiency, batch size measurement of workpieces, and is suitable for precision size measurement of electronics, hardware, automobiles, mobile phones, and industrial manufacturing.



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