Fiber Defect Detection Solution




With the advancement of science and technology, the network speed is constantly improving, and more and more optical fibers are also appearing in network communication, bearing higher network speed requirements.



Optical fiber communication is a communication method that relies on optical fibers for signal transmission. However, during the production and use of optical fibers, there may be scratches, cracks and other damages on the optical fiber end face during the polishing process or during business operations such as fiber insertion and removal, and may also cause dirt and oil stains in normal use. various temporary pollution. These damages or pollution will reduce the communication performance of the optical fiber, shorten the service life, and even directly lead to the failure of normal operation. Therefore, the real-time and accurate detection of fiber end face defects is one of the necessary means to ensure the stable and efficient operation of optical fiber communication.



Pomeas specializes in the production of optical accessories for vision systems, including optical lenses, industrial cameras, visual light sources, etc., and can provide customers with visual defect detection system assembly solutions. example:



1. The lens uses Pomeas 4K zoom optical lens, which has the characteristics of high resolution and large target surface, which can display the image of the inspected product in a large range and quickly identify defects;



2. The camera uses the Pomeas Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera, with high-speed transmission, which can obtain more stable and clear images;



3. With the external coaxial light source, combined with the software algorithm independently developed by Pomeas, the optical fiber end face visual inspection system is composed.



The machine vision detection system can accurately and quickly detect the defect position and size of the fiber end face, which can well meet the requirements of fiber end face defect detection, and ensure the stable and efficient communication of the fiber to a large extent. As a supplier of machine vision and automation core products, Primis can provide system solutions for more visual inspection projects.



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