How to detect camera module defects?




Cameras are the main accessories of electronic products such as mobile phones and tablets. With the popularity of smartphones, the number of mobile phone users is increasing, the demand for camera modules is also increasing, and the requirements for pixels are also increasing, which makes camera modules. of automated detection is becoming more and more important.



The structure of the camera module mainly includes optical lenses, graphic element photosensitive elements, digital signal processors, etc. The quality of the signals collected by the graphic element photosensitive elements will have a decisive impact on the imaging effect of the entire camera. Detect and eliminate defects before assembly.



Testing requirements:


Detect whether the photosensitive element has defects such as dust, open circuit, short circuit, protrusion, hole, depression and so on.



Detection scheme:


Use an optical imaging system consisting of a Purmis 4K high-resolution zoom lens, a Gigabit network color industrial camera, a ring light source and a light source controller for detection.



Detecting renderings:


Program advantages:


1. The use of gigabit network industrial cameras can separate the gold wires, gold balls, etc. from other parts, and identify defects more clearly;


2. The light source uses a low-angle ring light source, mainly considering the concave and convex changes of dust particles and the special material of the image sensor;


3. The lens uses Pomeas 4K zoom lens, which can provide a wider field of view and capture images faster.



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