Machine Vision Dispensing Solution




Dispensing technology is a crucial connection point in the product production line. The bonding and packaging of products require a dispensing process. Therefore, the requirements for dispensing accuracy are getting higher and higher, and the control is becoming more and more precise. In many environments, in addition to the correct drive of the motor, it is also necessary to cooperate with the guidance of the machine vision system to achieve precise dispensing.


Scheme configuration

In the machine vision dispensing solution, the lens can use POMEAS high-definition telecentric lens VP-LTCM2-65S, and the camera uses the POMEAS 500W pixel Gigabit Ethernet industrial camera, combined with the POMEAS software system and control system.



Program advantages

The machine vision dispensing system can completely automatically complete the entire dispensing process without manual intervention. Before dispensing, it can quickly locate the dispensing position and automatically generate the dispensing path. It has high precision, multi-axis continuous interpolation, and dispensing path. Continuous and smooth, the system is simple and easy to use, the hardware configuration is flexible, and it has strong expansibility.



The machine vision dispensing system automatically completes precise dispensing according to the shape of the product to be dispensed, which can solve the problems of high cost, cumbersome steps and low efficiency of dispensing positioning methods.



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