Syringe Needle Defect Detection Solution




Syringe is a common medical device. It mainly uses a needle to extract or inject liquid and gas, which can effectively avoid cross-infection and has been widely promoted and used. The disposable injection needle is mainly composed of two parts: the base and the needle. The defect of the needle greatly affects the quality of the syringe.



Syringe needle defects generally occur in two situations: firstly, the needle may produce burrs at the needle tip during the manufacturing process; secondly, the needle may be inserted into the needle seat during the automatic assembly process. The quality of the product has a direct impact, and in severe cases it will also affect the safety of life. In order to reduce unqualified products, it is necessary to increase the visual inspection process, and the Pomeas machine vision system can effectively improve the quality of the products produced and the degree of automation of the production line.


Pomeas machine vision inspection solution:


The lens uses Pumis 4K high-resolution zoom lens VP-LZH-7502, with Pomeas Gigabit Ethernet interface industrial camera and ring vision light source, it can obtain the detailed image of the needle tip appearance more clearly and accurately, combined with the machine vision independently developed by Pumis The detection software can quickly eliminate products with burrs and inverted plugs, improve product quality and automate the use of production lines.



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