Optical Design of Telecentric Industrial Lenses




The optical design of the telecentric lens is crucial to the ability to capture high-quality images, and high-quality images are the material required for visual image processing and the basis for qualifying the measured object.



High telecentricity design


The telecentric optical system is widely used in high-precision visual measurement, and the telecentricity of the lens directly determines the magnification consistency of images at different depths of field. We control the telecentricity index at the 0.01% level in the design to ensure that the image magnification difference of the lens at different depths in the depth of field can be ignored. This technology directly solves the possibility of high-precision measurement of the depth of the double telecentric lens, expanding the Broader vision measurement applications.



Refractive optical path design


Due to the optical path, the outer diameter and total length of the telecentric lens are relatively large, and the shape is cylindrical, which is not easy to install and fix, especially in automated production lines, which are often restricted by space problems and cannot be used. We have created a refraction-type optical path structure in China, which can greatly reduce the volume of the entire lens by turning the linear optical path several times. The total length of the lens can be reduced by more than half, and we have designed a more convenient positioning method. Xin's products have made a deep revolution, bringing the double telecentric products closer to the automatic production line.



Centering optical path structure design


The telecentric lens has a threaded pressure ring structure in the industry, and a product is formed by connecting several parts. This structure is convenient for production and assembly, but it has a great impact on the coaxiality of the entire lens. The coaxiality of the lens directly It will affect its imaging quality. In order to solve the balance between the process and the result, a centering mechanism is introduced in the product design stage. This industry-created technology greatly improves product quality and yields, laying the foundation for quality assurance of mass products.



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