Is the magnification of a telecentric optical lens adjustable?




Telecentric optical lens is an important branch of industrial lens. It is mainly designed to correct the parallax of ordinary lens. It is a very important application when the measured objects are not on the same plane.



The selection of the telecentric lens is mainly based on several parameters, including resolution, depth of field, parallax, magnification, etc. In some applications, whether the magnification of the telecentric lens can be adjusted or not has become a selection reference standard.



The magnification refers to the size of the shooting range that can be changed through the adjustment of the lens, and is the ratio of the image size to the size of the object. The magnification of the telecentric lens is constant, the size of the object-side field of view and the size of the imaging circle are fixed. Since the lens is usually a rotationally symmetric structure, both the object-side and image-side imaging planes are circles with different diameters. The telecentric lens can be within a certain object distance range, so that the magnification of the obtained image will not change, and the image taken is not divided into near big and far small.



The telecentric lens has the characteristics of fixed magnification and no parallax, and is often used in the measurement of precise and tiny objects, such as PCB product measurement, full-size detection of mobile phone screens, mobile phone camera glass size detection, pen tip defect detection, and rubber product visual inspection.



Because many optical concepts and principles are involved in the selection of telecentric lenses. In order to quickly complete the lens selection during the construction of the optical system scheme, it is necessary to learn a lot of professional knowledge, which will greatly reduce the selection efficiency. Pomeas can provide a telecentric lens selection table, so that customers can look up the table more clearly, conveniently and efficiently. selection.



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