Performance index of bi-telecentric optical lens




With the continuous expansion of the application of machine vision, in system integration, everyone has a certain understanding of the key components in the vision system, industrial lenses, industrial cameras, light sources, etc., but there are many classifications of industrial lenses, among which bi-telecentric industrial Lens selection is often a difficult problem for many customers. The matching principle of telecentric lens and camera is the same as that of ordinary industrial lens, as long as the target surface size is greater than or equal to that of the camera. During use, please note that the area below the objective lens of the telecentric lens is all telecentric imaging, and the area beyond this range is not telecentric imaging in the strict sense. This must be done in actual use. Be careful, otherwise you will create unnecessary bias. 



When customers choose a bi-telecentric lens, they should first understand the performance indicators of the bi-telecentric optical lens and the corresponding conditions of use:



1) Compatible CCD target surface size: The CCD target surface compatible with the telecentric lens is required to be larger than or equal to the matching camera target surface, otherwise the resolution will be wasted.



2) Interface type: At present, the interface type provided by the telecentric lens is similar to that of the ordinary lens, including C-mount, F-mount, etc., which can be used as long as it is matched with the camera.



3) Working distance: What needs to be paid attention to is whether this working distance meets the actual use requirements. When choosing a telecentric system for inspection, we recommend selecting a lens first and designing other mechanical structures according to its working distance.



4) Magnification or imaging range: When the magnification and the CCD target surface are determined, the imaging range is determined, and vice versa.



5) Depth of field: The larger the depth of field, the better the optical properties of the telecentric system, which can be used as a reference when selecting models.



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